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MiL-Pilke Oy received INNOSUOMI 2011 Prize of Honour

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Professional Magazine Koneviesti checked MiL-Kärry in action.

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MiL-Pilke is a company from Artjärvi in Southern Finland, which developes and produces light equipment for heavy use in woods. Tools are ment to be used with atv's and minitractors. This is the only page in english even all menuitems are translated. You will get photos below bigger and more informative by clicking them.

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MiL-Pilke Oy

Postal address
Porlammintie 176
16230 Artjärvi

Telephone: +358443211407
e-mail address: milpilke(at)gmail.com
Website address: www.mil-pilke.fi

MiL-Pilke Oy
Logs can be hauled without any harm of sand even in summer.

We are very pedantic with developing our tools. We know how thrustrating it is when poorly made tools break in the middle of the forest. Our tools are made to hold up heavy use. During our tests we choose the best solutions for our tools - of course the price is not the cheapest one. For example the axles for both logging cars are oversized for their endurance which is 750 kg per axle. Axles have SKF -made double ballbearings, they are maintenance free and fully waterproof construction. We consider our clients living at the cities, because also in our country woods are often far away from our homes. Logging cars are made for transportation and preservation in small space. We test our equipment carefully - only the best will hold up heavy usage in forest.

Our main product is MiL-Kärry. It is a very light weight tool which makes your work safe and easy. You do not need to lift logs by hands when loading or unloading the car. The way of acting is patented. Your atv will get some speed before the log will start to move - at this point your atv also gets more weight and extra grip on rear wheels. We designed best curved shape for the car for using in forests. The car will not cause damage for living trees. When you drive down hill or break down the speed, the log will get down and will break with all of it's lenght for your safety. MiL-Kärry can be easily taken apart into pieces without any tools. This makes transportation and preservation possible in very small space.

MiL-Renki is an efficient helper for MiL-Kärry. In fact you can also use it without MiL-Kärry. MiL-Renki lifts up easily very heavy logs with it's telescopic lever arm.

We let one young girl to test MiL-Renki at exhibition and she lifted up 7 meters, 227 kg birchlog totally from the ground. MiL-Renki can be used also in winching, moving logs with hands and as sawbuck. Mil-Renki used with MiL-Kärry will hold up the rest of the log. Logs can be hauled without any harm of sand even in summer. Please watch our working videos at menuitem "Videos" about using MiL-Renki.

MiL-Pilke Oy
MiL-Kärry is made for last long time.

Our logging cars are very suitable for hauling big logs:

♦  Removals of windstorm caused fallen trees
♦  Removals of dried trees
♦  Removals of big trees left for seed new plantation
♦  Removals of big trees over young woods
♦  Removals of special single trees here and there
♦  Taking care of forest by yourself

MiL-Pilke Oy
MiL-Kärry is made for professional use.

MiL-Pilke delivers high quality products in Finland. We are interested in getting our products delivered also in other countries and we are searching for suitable co-operators for doing this with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

♠  MiL-Kärry is patented
♠  MiL-Renki has patent pending
♠  products are CE-certified
♠  EU modelprotected